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Les bois flottés de Sophie

Is entirely dedicated to the driftwood. You will discover in our online store all the Driftwood to create: driftwood, lots, trunks, stumps but also « ready to use » creative packs. Many from nature elements are also available: shells, eucalyptus, pebbles, etc. As well as many creations for sale: driftwood lamps, driftwood mirrors, driftwood screens, driftwood chandeliers and other creations...

  1. To the driftwood lovers…

    On this site you will find a diversity of driftwood that will bring you inspiration for your future creations.


  2. Our Driftwood

    Different lots available, trunks, branches, unique pieces… Small, thick, long… Learn more

  3. Special order

    A specific need? Trunk, strain, branch, large batches… Contact us

  4. Driftwood or dead wood?

    What’s the difference between driftwood and dead wood? Learn more