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After many questions of our visitors, we hope bring you some clarifications concerning the «Driftwood»

What should you know about the « Driftwood ».


« Driftwood » or «Deadwood » 

What’s ‘Driftwood’?

  • « Driftwood » is a wood which has made a long stay in sea water.
  • « Driftwood » is a wood found only on beaches or lakes of salt water.
  • « Driftwood » doesn’t require secondary treatment of protection or beautification (xylophene, water bleach, varnish, paint…). It’s naturally protected by its high salt content.
  • All the ends of the « Driftwood » are polished whether it be a small or large branch, a trunk, a plank or any other type of « Driftwood ».

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What’s « Deadwood »?

  • ‘Deadwood’ is a wood which is located at the banks of the rivers and freshwater lakes.
  • ‘Deadwood’ requires a protective treatment with chemical products against borers and must be painted or varnished for a holding in time.
  • « Deadwood » can be lightweight and light-colored, which is not a driftwood so far. The weight and color of the wood depend especially on its essence.
  • « Deadwood » is found in abundance in any course of freshwater (stream, rivers, lakes…).

This river wood named ‘deadwood’ in no way has the properties of a driftwood.

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We are also against picking up deadwood in the vicinity of rivers, because you should know that deadwood found in the banks of the rivers and lakes plays a leading role in the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Indeed, deadwood found in river’s edge has several ecological values:

-Value of structure: natural jam, it forms small dams filter, which hold the water of the catchment area, limite water stress, the effects of the drought, downstream flooding and erosion throughout the small forest streams.

-Value of habitat and food for a large part of the saproxylic composed of species threatened and locally extirpated unlike driftwood representing by its high salt doesn’t content any interest for these insects.


-Check the provenance of driftwood before any purchase. To do this, feel free to ask questions to the seller.

-As for the purchase of other products, we recommend that you browse the forums and specialized sites to be able to make purchases with confidence.